Target audience: Artisans, property owners, real estate agents, contractors, property managers, SAFETY managers, and anyone else who wants an introduction to radon issues.radonkurs web

Goals: The course is intended to provide a general and broad introduction to radonproblematikk. Workshop participants who have taken this course is expected to be able to give simple advice to the public concerning the What radon is, health risk, which measures should be undertaken and where help could be obtained with high radonnivåer. The course is also required for courses. 5 (below). Participants will be invited to evaluate the course by completing the evaluation form Norwegian radonforenings.

-Basics of radioactivity, radiation, radon dose concept.
-Health aspect, the risk of lung cancer as a result of long-term radoneksponering
-Radon galleries, (rocks, construction materials, water).
Overview of main detection mechanisms and dispersion of radon in buildings.
-Various types of radonkartlegginger and geographical presentation of results (radonkart).
-National and international regulations and recommendations concerning the radon. Recommended action limits.
-Radonmålinger basics, overview of the measurement methods and application areas.
-Basics of action against radon in existing building and prevention in new construction.
-Perception of radonrisiko. Effective methods of communication of information on radon health risks due to radon.

Prior knowledge required: No

Course program:pdf

Duration: 1 day, day 1. from 10:00-16:15.

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Course Location: Oslo

List price: NOK 5900,-incl. VAT lunch/coffee and compendium

Deadline: Deadline for registration is 1 day before the course starts. When we reach the maximum number of participants is closing new sign ups, possibly. be transferred to the next course. Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to enroll in.

Terms of payment: 100% of the course fee is paid before the course starts. The customer does not meet the non-refundable tuition, but the customer may attend a later equivalent courses.

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