radonmåling ved radonlab

Radon measurements

Radonlab has laboratories for the analysis of track-etch detectors and other types of radon measurements. Closed CR-39 track-etch detectors and a variety of digital instruments can be ordered for radon monitoring and sampling in air. We measure radon release from samples and determine the concentration of radon in water. Field measurements are carried out on building sites, in homes, and at workplaces. Calibration of instruments for measurement of radon concentration is offered.

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Radon consultancy

Radonlab's consultancy service offers complete strategies for systematic mapping of radon in homes and workplaces. Our consultants perform inspections that include short-term radon measurements and propose action plans for affected buildings. Radonlab is certified by the Norwegian Building Authorities for engineering radon mitigation solutions. Preliminary inspections play an important part in a proper planning of measures against radon. Send a request.

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Radon training courses

Radonlab has offered various radon training courses since 2004 and currently offers two basic training courses and two advanced courses several times each year. Our radon courses are aimed at a diverse audience of entrepreneursspecialist companies, municipal employees, etc. See our course schedule here.

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