Eurofins reinforces market leadership in environment testing in Europe with the acquisition of NUA and Water & Waste laboratories in Austria, and Radonlab in Norway

21 December 2015 

   Eurofins Scientific (EUFI.PA), the world leader in environment testing services, announces the acquisition of NUA-Umweltanalytik GmbH ("NUA") and Water & Waste Gesellschaft für Umweltschutz und chemische Laboratorien GmbH ("Water & Waste"), two of the market leaders in environmental testing in Austria, and of Radonlab, the premier radon testing laboratory in Norway.
   NUA is one of the leading private laboratories for environmental analyses in the Austrian market, and is renowned for water testing. Founded in 1974, NUA's 45 staff provides both chemistry and microbiology analyses of water, soil and air to a large number of both public and private clients, with a regional focus in Lower Austria.
Waste & Water leads the market in soil and waste analysis, and is a reference laboratory for water and site contamination testing, as well as geotechnical analysis. The company employs 65 staff serving most of the local municipalities in Austria, as well as the domestic building and construction industry. Waste & Water is also the testing laboratory for 4 out of the 5 high contamination waste sites in the country.
   These 2 acquisitions secure the Group's market leadership and ensure that Eurofins has the most comprehensive service offering in Austria. In addition, the complementarity of the services of the two laboratories should result in significant cross-selling opportunities, as well as a strong platform on which to expand the Group's footprint across the country.
In Norway, where Eurofins is already the market leader in environment testing, the Group acquired the country's premier laboratory for radon testing. With radon exposure identified by the World Health Organization as the second most important cause of lung cancer[1], and with Norway having the highest radon concentrations in indoor air, the country has one of the most stringent regulations on radon testing. Radonlab's expertise in this field is reflected in its strong relationships with local municipalities as the reference laboratory for radon testing. This acquisition provides Eurofins the competence in this increasingly important niche market, which could be rolled-out more widely to complement the Group's existing portfolio of environment testing services.
   Comment from Dr. Gilles Martin, Eurofins CEO: "The acquisition of NUA and Water & Waste in Austria, and Radonlab in Norway reflects our commitment to expand both our geographical and operating footprint, as well as reinforce our market leadership in environment testing. These acquisitions are a further demonstration of Eurofins' commitment to build the best and widest-reaching analytical testing network in the market."

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