Preventing radonproblems in new buildings is not only recommended-this is also required by law! Let us assess risk on your site or help you do this yourself.

Radon survey of building site

The aim of preventive measures is to avoid radon concentrations in future buildings to exceed 200 Bq/m3 (Plan og Bygningsloven, 1997). The action limit is set by the Radiation Protection Authority (Strålevern booklet No.5, 1995). In order to assess the need for preventive measures and the degree of protection against radon, it is necessary to make a building site survey with respect to radon. The results of such a survey would be a classification of the construction site as low-, medium-, or highrisk. Various preventive measures against radongas can then be implemented according to level of risk.

Measurement methods for mapping radon risk

Choose from Radonlab's complete buildingsite survey or a do-it-yourself variant.

Radonlab undertakes complete radon inspections of the ground at the building site. We write a report detailing the results and informs about the risk and, in addition, we explain what preventive measures are recommended in your situation. Do not hesitate to contact us if you're wondering about the details of methods and procedure. We work with both large (Pavement, Peab, AF Group, Skanska etc) and small entrepreneurs.

Do-it-yourself: For smaller buildings, such as villas or cabins, it is possible to make a simple


building site survey. The customer can, for example, send us samples from the site that we analyze, to determine how much radon is emitted from onsite- or added landfills Contact us by e-mail or call us (Tel. 96 03 21 50) for more information.

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