Drinking water from bore wells may contain radioactive elements such as radium and radon. It is found in high radon i vannradonnivåer well water in a number of areas in Norway. In surface water is low due to radonnivåene. release of radon to the air.

Radon action level in water:

Recommended action level for radon in water in a single household is 500 Bq/l.


Action level for radon in water from the waterworks or public water supply (which at least 50 people or 20 households) is 100 Bq/l, jf. Drinking Water Regulations

The biggest problem with radon in drinking water is radongassen release to the indoor air during the use of the shower, washing machine, dishwasher, etc. Innåndning of radon in the air leads to an increased risk of lung cancer.

High radonnivåer occurs. in water from wells in the gneiss and granite. Even during normal use of water in the household may be released significant amounts of radon to the air. Transfer from water to air varies with water use and ventilation, but a radonkonsentrasjon of water of 1000 Bq/l will be able to make a contribution of between 50 Bq/m3 and 100 Bq/m3 of air. High radonnivåer in drinking water can be reduced by aeration, storage or filtering.


Radonlab measures radonnivået in water. Household water from drilling wells that are used daily, should be examined for radonforekomster. Radonmålinger in the water may be carried out throughout the year. Click on the link below to order the radomåling of water and we will send you the sampling equipment for water analysis. Sampling, you can even make by following our guide. You send the sample to us for analysis. You will get a reply within a few days.