Rstone-proRStone ™ is based on a newly developed sensor technology radongass. Measuring instrument is small by size, and can be programmed through a simple user interface designed by two push buttons and a screen. In spite of its simple and intuitive structure is RStone ™ to deliver a complete set of information, including instantaneous and average radon concentration, temperature, relative humidity and pressure.


Download user manual for Rstone Pro (PDF)



RStone ™ pro comes with the USB key RKEY ™ and RadonPro software, a professional program that enables you to remotely control programming and manage up to 10 PCs RStone ™ devices at the same time. Furthermore, RadonPro lets you download data with more detailed measurement information in a format that is optimized for printing, and in a format that is compatible with the most popular spreadsheet programs for further processing can be easily carried out.



Battery power and small size makes RStone ™ easily transportable

-Standalone, RStone installed and is controlled by its intuitive user interface

-Remote control by using the RKEY ™

-Flexibility, RStone ™ is controlled using firmware and software that can be easily customized

-Ease of use both for professionals and less skilled customers thanks to two different programs

 Rstone-pro 2


RCloud ™

Technology offers even higher level of service and flexibility. RCloud ™, using an Ethernet module located near RStone ™ sensors, makes it possible to remotely control the program and view measure results using a dedicated web platform.

Remote Monitoring Service

This service automatically warns end users by means of an SMS on their mobile phone when sensors detected excessive radonkonsentrasjon.

Rstone-pro 4


Radonlab offers courses and opplæriong to customers who want to get the most out of RadonPro. The training will enable the customer to produce complete reports of continuous monitoring of the concentration of radon and indoor air quality parameters such as relative humidity, temperature and air pressure.

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) designRstone-pro 5

Design of customized wireless sensor networks for monitoring the radon in the wide and varied geographical regions.

Software customization service

New development enables mullig to adapt to some degree control and software (based on both the application and the readout RCloud ™) with a focus on customer needs.

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