Electronic instruments for continuous measurement of radon gas concentration. Measuring instruments have different characteristics and most customers need a guidance for choosing the best instrument for their needs. Please contact us via the contact form for guidance.


Canary radon detector

Digital radon monitor for use over the medium and long.Provides an average radon concentration in the room it is placed in. Powered by 3 standard LR03/AAA battery for up to 3 years.Saving history up to 16 months, allowing for more detailed analysis of the situation if necessary.

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The TERA System

Advanced wireless system for the measurement and monitoring of radon. The TERA system is designed for surveillance of radon concentration simultaneously in several rooms in a building, and/or automatic control of different types of active radon mitigations.

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  CanaryPro 340

Canary PRO radondetector

Canary PRO is a system that measures radon and can transfer these data to a PC. The software gives you the possibility to show graphs for the variation over days, weeks, and months.

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Rstone pro

Rstone Pro

RStone ™ is an innovative radon monitor of last generation.Its small size and can be programmed and controlled through a simple user interface created by two push buttons and a screen.The instrument is powered by rechargeable battery can be programmed and data can be downloaded to your computer wirelessly.The instrument measures the instantaneous and average radon concentration, temperature, relative humidity and pressure.

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radon scout

Radon Scout

Instrument for electronic radon measurement in the middle price range.High sensitivity allows rapid measurements.Small size, but with the features of high-end instrument.Low power consumption - two AA batteries last up to 6 months.Perfect for short and long term measurements.Data can be downloaded to PC.Windows software.

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radon scout-plus

Radon Scout Plus

State-of-art instrument that is ideally suited for both short-and long-term radon measurement.The device is based on the diffusion of radon, and also has built sensor for relative humidity, temperature and air pressure.Minimal influence of humidity on the radon measurement.Batteries last for several months.Data can be transferred to a PC.Windows software.

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Instrument for electronic radon measurement and dosimetry.For measuring the concentration of radon and dosimeter.DOSEMAN package contains DOSEMAN, battery, charger, IrDA device (for communication with the PC) and Windows software.DOSEMAN has relatively low sensitivity to measure one day at a place for reliable result for radon levels below 200 Bq/m3.

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doseman pro

Doseman pro

Doseman pro Provides precise measurement of radon-222 and their progeny PAEC (potential alpha energy concentration) Which are of major importance for the determination of radiation dose from radon.Battery operated.Windows software is included.

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New instrument in the middle price range that meets most people's needs.The instrument has increased accuracy, allows rapid measurements.Measuring radon and thoron.Thermal transfer printer that connects directly to the RTM 1688 is optional.Windows software is included.Bundled with dehumidifier.

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Radim 3A

This instrument is a state-of-art professional instrument at very favorable price.Have quick response, very good precision and low energy consumption.Rechargeable batteries last for several months.Automatic correction of the results for the influence of humidity.Easy to use Windows software is included.

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Very solid professional equipment for continuous measurement of radon with fast response, high accuracy and many opportunities.The enhancement can be used for measurement of radon in water and in soil.The instrument measures both radon and thoron, and can be used for quick sniffing.Briefcase, mini printer and Windows software included.

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Professional equipment is especially well protected against external influences and can be used in all weather conditions both outside and inside.Automatic correction of the results for the influence of humidity.Measuring radon and thoron.The enhancement can be used for measurement of radon in water and soil.Windows software is included.

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guidance for choosing the best instrument for their needs.Please contact us via the contact formfor guidance.