Is radon an invisible intruder in your work environment?


Is your workplace safe with respect to radon?

Exposure to radon is not only happening in workplaces under ground (power plants, mountain facilities, etc), where it is known that high radonnivåer often occur. Investigating radonlevels in schools and kindergartens in Norwayradontest-i-skole has shown that high concentrations of radon also occurs at regular workplaces. We spend a large part of the day at work. Therefore, it is important to know about radonlevels also at one's workplace. Radonmeasurements examine this serious problem.


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Working environment act

Working environment act §8 claims that air at the workplace shall be free of hazardous pollutants. Radon is one of the most significant hazardous factors regarding indoor air quality.


Radiation protection regulations

Radiation protection regulations are applicable to the public and sets binding limits for school buildings, kindergartens and rental housing. Limit values are binding and must be followed by 1.1.2014.radon-i-skolebygg These limits require that radonreducing measures should be taken if radonlevels exceed 100 Bq (becquerel)/m3 (action limit) and that radonlevels should never exceed the limit value of 200 Bq/m3. Limit values and action threshold  applies regardless of who is staying on the premises.


Radonlabs program for radonmonitoring workplaces

Since the time spent at your job is limited to certain parts of the day and that ventilatory systems are used in such buildings, special considerations are valid when it comes to radonmeasurements. Radonlab has therefore developed procedures that are in line with the Radiation protection agency's recommendations for measurement of radon that takes into account such varying conditions.


Measures against high radonlevels at work

It is possible to reduce high radonlevels. Such measures need not be a complicated and expensive matter. A number of structural and technical ventilatory measures can be used to reduce radonconcentrations at work to under the action limit of 100 Bq/m3 during working hours.Radon eksponering på arbeidsplass


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