Kart-radonrisikoKnow your community the local risk areas for radongass? Through the municipal law (Section 4a), radiation protection law and the planning and building Act (Tech. forskr. § 8-33) there are set requirements for the monitoring of radon and radonsikring of building constructions. The municipalities are therefore required to identify risk areas for the local radongass. The Radonlab have developed a program that offers school districts complete mapping and control of radon.


Radonlabs radonkartlegging programme in municipalities:


Sporfilm measurements in its labRadon analyselab for sporfilm
Sporfilm is the recommended method for measuring radonkonsentrasjon in indoor air. Radonlab has its own modern track film laboratory, measurement services to the most competitive prices. Measurements are quality assured through traceability to international standards.




Phase 2 radonmålinger with electronic measuring instrumentsElektronisk fase 2 rdongass måling på arbeidsplass
In the municipal building and jobs will result from the track movie polls indicate which room has a radonnivåer that, on average, is higher than the intervention limit of 100 Bq/m3. In any room that has higher levels than this is a phase 2 measurement of electronic test and measurement equipments that have good sensitivity. Track movies alone are not adequate measurement tools in order to clarify the need for measures in the construction of mechanical ventilation. Electronic measuring instruments will be used to get an overview of the variations 24 hours a day. Phase 2 measurements in each room will tell if radonnivået is over or under action line during business hours. Phase 2 measurements is used to confirm or deny a radonproblem and thus clarify the need for action.


Investigations into building basictomtekart

By embedding the areas zoned for residential purposes or commercial buildings, it is necessary to know the build tial grunnens to make radongass. Radonlab offers surveys of plots and plots based on radonrisiko classification. In this way achieved high-quality information for further processing so that preventive measures against the exquisite radon can be carried out before, during and after development.


Advice when measures should be implemented

In areas of high radonpotensiale it according to the planning and building Act necessary to project and undertake preventive measures. In buildings that have been found to have elevated radonkonsentrasjon it is important to take appropriate countermeasures. Radonlab offers a variety of additional research and advisory services relating to technical measures against radon.


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